Proxima’s Oral Vaccine Technology The vast majority of infectious organisms enter the body via the oral and respiratory routes
Injected vaccines do not give good protection in these mucosal sites, and so are unsuccessful in preventing access of infectious agents to the body
Oral vaccination, in contrast, can generate protective immunity in the gut and other mucosal sites
For oral immunisation to succeed, the vaccine delivery vehicle is a crucial component
Proxima’s vaccine delivery vehicle () is a hydrophobic carrier which targets Peyer’s patches (the gut immune system) and generates strong immunity in the gut Proxima’s achievements Proof of principle with oil-based delivery system Delivery system utilises only monographed excipients New intellectual property protection afforded Successful collaboration with international pharmaceutical company Reasons for confidence in vaccine  delivery vehicle Both local and systemic responses are observed Delivery system enhances even above that for known mucosal immunostimulants Applicable to a wide range of disorders – hepatitis, ‘flu, TB, RSV and cancer Can be applied to desensitisation – eg allergy, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis Vaccine vehicle is entirely synthetic – no reliance on live carriers No new chemicals – readily amenable to registration No concerns with local toxicity Low excipient volume – easy to administer Good stability